Digitalize your wallet & get the best deals while saving paper and plastic.

Digitize your wallet

Make your life easier

Our most important concern is to develop solutions that make things easier and that let you save time and money so that you can enjoy what life brings


Create your own personal loyalty card and be able to store all your loyalty cards in the app

No more Paper receipts

Store your receipts digitally

FIND Deals

Search for offers from shops, restaurants, bars or hotels around you

Save Plastic

Digitalise your loyalty cards and sign up to new ones online. 

Loyalty cards

Benefit everywhere and anytime

Organize all your loyalty cards in a simple to use app so you will never forget your card or miss out on offers. Never again miss out on points because your forgot your loyalty cards.

Find the best deals in your area

Search for great offers from stores, restaurants, hotels and many more businesses in your neighborhood. From special offers to daily deals, AllMyCards will enhance your shopping experience while saving.

Digital Receipts

Store your receipts

Store and manage your receipts digitally. AllyMyCards will help you fight the paper waste of paper receipts while still being able to keep an overview of your spending.


Your personal digital Wallet

AllMyCards is the app that helps you collect points whenever you are out shopping while keeping your receipts in one place and helps you find the best deals in your area.

With AllMyCards you contribute to saving paper and plastic and saving you from a messy wallet.

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